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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Nina Dumas, Feb. 19, 2012

Supersizing It With Claes Oldenburg:

In the early 1960s, the Swedish-born American artist Claes Oldenburg helped to usher in the Pop Art revolution by using materials like burlap and canvas to create sandwiches and ice cream cones the size of furniture.

The full range of his work from the 1960s—complete with giant cheeseburgers, ketchup-topped fries, a pastry case and a cash register—is on view in a new exhibition at Mumok, Vienna’s museum of modern art, and is headed for New York and Minneapolis in 2013. He’s 83 years old and still creating.


Nina Dumas
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  • Vittorio Masoni Vittorio Masoni Feb. 20, 2012
    Interesting news, thank you. Oldenburg is a major representative of Pop Art, able to make something extraordinary from the commonplace. He summarized the Pop Art concept as “Art should be literally made of the ordinary world; its space should be our space; its time our time; its objects our ordinary objects; the reality of art will replace reality” (H.H. Arnason, 1998). The whole movement had at least a decade of glamour before the concept was integrated into that broader stream of culture whereby art draws its permanent feature, continuity (C. Greenberg). As to continuity, Pop Art had ancestors: one for all was van Gogh with his “portraits” of worn out boots and of rustic chairs. Oldenburg works invite friendly smiles while works of other movement's icons (i.e. Rauschenberg and Johns) appear dispassionate and impersonal. The show you flagged will enable us to check on this. Thanks again.
    Vittorio Masoni

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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Bert Breton, Aug. 25, 2011

Claes Oldenburg’s massive sculptures of everyday, even mundane, objects are at times ridiculed. I find them to be classics! Some of the coolest examples of what pop art can be. A sandwich anyone?

Bert Breton
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