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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Tara V-USA, Oct. 5, 2013

Hi! I’m Tara and I live in the Bay Area in California.

If I was designing a city I would want to use sustainable city planning that I learned about in my environmental science class last year. Essentially I would design the city so there are resources within easy walking distance from homes through special trails and never-ending sidewalks. This would essentially set up a city in which there are a few central locations with grocery stores, schools, work buildings and recreational activities toward which houses converge. I would also design the city so bike lanes are on every road and bike racks exist in all locations to encourage bicycle riding. I’d also plan for trees to line the sidewalks. To connect the different centers together I would also design for a mass transportation system similar to the one near where I live in California. In the Bay Area, we have BART, which stands for Bay Area Rapid Transport. It is a huge system of rails running of 1000 volt DC electricity that connects the whole bay area together. It is a cheap way to get around and saves tons of carbon that would be emitted if all the individuals that took BART trains drove cars. In case anyone wants to read more about BART I’ve included a link below. While the construction of this city would likely be quite pricey, I believe its set up would significantly reduce the necessity for the constant driving of cars. I would love to live in a city like this. I know BART is convenient and significantly reduces pollution. The surplus of bike lanes and sidewalks in this city would make walking and biking really easy as well. I know there are a lot of places near where I live that don’t have sidewalks or bike lanes I can use. Less pollution and suffocating smog would really be the only incentive most city dwellers would need to move to my city.

Tara V-USA

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