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Discussions Discussion Nutrition and Medicine
Dash E-seattle, WA, May 3, 2012

I tend to notice that many poeple look for health in the bottom of a prescription bottle :/ which is not good (most times). More people need to see that the BEST way to be healthy and happy is by simply excercising and eating right :) Instead of playing XBOX or watching youtube, get up for 30 minutes a day and jog around, do some yoga, martial arts, anything to get your heart pumping!

Dash E-seattle, WA
Comments (2)
  • AnyaA Seattle, WA AnyaA Seattle, WA May 3, 2012
    i agree, the best health you can get is from the physical exercise and eating healthy foods every day, and get good nutritions to keep your body healthy instead of using medication(unless you really do need it..)
  • Jacqueline T Jacqueline T May 4, 2012
    definitely and joining a sport can really help with this and just eating healthy will help too.

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