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Posts tagged "china environmental press awards"

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Discussions Discussion China: Traditions and Transformations
Steve Durgan, April 13, 2012

Citizen journalism triumphs at China environmental press awards:

When Liu Futang left the confines of Chinese government service and opened his first microblog last April, the retired forestry official could not have imagined that a year later, he would be celebrated as a shining light of citizen journalism.

Liu stirred up an online fury last year when he revealed that developers had destroyed one of the world’s last groves of water coconut trees to make space for a yacht marina.

The degradation is terrible,” said Liu. “The local media hasn’t written a single word, but I’ve posted 40 articles that have been followed up by newspapers and TV from across the country.”

The citizen journalist prize is a new category in the awards, which are jointly organised by the Guardian, chinadialogue and Sina, the leading Chinese web portal.

Steve Durgan

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