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Discussions Discussion Science - Neurology
Kornelijus G-Lithuania, Feb. 23, 2014

To my mind, our brains are the most interesting thing in the world. Brains help us think, do movements, see, hear and so on. Without brains you would look like zombie or like animal. So we should keep in mind that it is the greatest gift and we should save it.

Kornelijus G-Lithuania

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Discussions Discussion Science - Neurology
Mușat Adriana, Feb. 19, 2012

Neuroscience Meets Education and Technology

Technological Trends will include computer technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology and cognition and the convergence of these technologies. The U.S. military and the UK government are studying psychopharmacology for increased attention and cognition, and personalized genetic mapping and enhancement. The Human Cognome Project is seeking to map the brain like the Human Genome Project has done for the geneAdditionally, Nanotechnology is producing new drugs that treat cancer, engineer materials to replace diseased organs, repair nerve damage, and improve prosthetic limbs, among many other medical breakthroughs. The National Nanotechnology Initiative has identified other areas of focus in enhancing group creativity and cognitive engineering.. A “Virtual You” is being constructed at Sandia Laboratory to model human consciousness and cognitive abilities. Dr. Candace Pert has identified an information network within the human body where peptide messages triggered by emotions regulate body chemical processes.
New Technologies provide the following opportunities: the backbone for the communications necessary for globalization, the ability to “leapfrog” current technology where there are no old infrastructure or mentalities to be uprooted, the creation of new online societies and training environments and the simulation of current social problems.

Mușat Adriana

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Discussions Discussion Science - Neurology
VIKRAM Chakravarthy, Nov. 3, 2011

It has been found that participation in regular aerobic exercise is effective at enhancing cognitive and brain health in late adulthood. This was initially thought to only occur in mice, but now we have seen this occur in humans also, Cardiorespiratory fitness and aerobic exercise augments cognition by increasing gray matter volume in prefrontal and hippocampal brain regions

VIKRAM Chakravarthy
Comments (3)
  • Wendy I - USA Wendy I - USA Nov. 3, 2011
    that's so cool….nice article!
  • Marco Masoni Marco Masoni Nov. 3, 2011
    Thanks for giving me another reason to go out and exercise regularly! Seriously, I started reading the paper. Fascinating.
  • Carlos Campo Carlos Campo Nov. 3, 2011
    Excellent..! One more reason to exercise…!

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