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Discussions Discussion Reuse & repurpose
Michael H-USA, Oct. 18, 2013

Hi, my name is Michael and I am a high school student in Oakland, California.

Lots of people have been posting their inventive ways to recycle used items, all clever and thanks to those for sharing. I might try some of those. However, let’s face it: the number of different things you can do with items instead of throwing them away or recycling them is infinite. As kids, this imaginative limit was so high that if any item was not a toy, we would make it become a toy or accessory. For me, this was turning wrapping paper tubes into lightsabers, socks into baseballs, bed sheets into capes, etc.

Then the dark ages finally came when our parents tell us that shockingly, we cannot keep every single object we come to possess out of this imagination; we must return it to its original use or get rid of it completely. And so, the great dilemma of throwing away or recycling begins. As this is so much easier than being creative, some of us lose our creativity and doom objects to the dumpsters as the easy way out. With more and more people, this loss of childhood imagination is adding up to lots of pollution, so its time to reuse and recycle some of the toys that adults play with the most: cars.

This article was published eight years ago, but looked ahead at its time to 2015. The significance of this year marks the arrival of a new mandate for European and Japanese car makers to manufacture their cars so that 95% of them can be recycled or reused, and not doomed to the piles of car heaven. The article states that every year in America alone, 10 million cars get scrapped, but if 100% of those cars are 95% recyclable, that number would basically reduce to 500,000 cars instead, a very significant leap. While this may not include imagination, it sure is effective, and in the grand scheme of things, that is what truly counts. If only American auto makers would commit to do the same.

Michael H-USA
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  • Connor Siri Connor Siri Oct. 22, 2013
    i completely agree with your statement especially about the cars. it would help the environment and it would be cheaper for car builders. the main reason for it being better for the environment is because if you recycle you don't have to dig a mine and use lots of gas gosling machinery. all you would have to do is go to a car junk yard and take. it requires a lot less effort and will be a lot cheaper. this method is universal.
    you could do this with almost any product including phones, T.V.'s, and computers. it amazes me that most companies have not done this or even thought about it. i strongly believe recycling is going to be the future of industry.

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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Marisa R- usa, Oct. 10, 2013

We all have to drive in cars sometimes. Whether it’s driving a block to a friend’s house or many miles on vacation. This was one of the greatest contributions of my carbon footprint. We all understand that it is extremely difficult to change your ways completely. After driving everywhere your whole life you can’t just start riding a bike everywhere, and you don’t have to. There are simpler ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Just by simply driving better you could save over a ton of carbon dioxide a year. Accelerate slowly and smooth, follow all speed limits, and maintain a constant speed. Those are all ways your carbon footprint can decrease immensely.Also, keep up with your car. Make sure it is always running efficiently. Lastly, make your next car a fuel efficient one. Getting a fuel efficient car not only helps the environment, but costs less for gas. Think about this next time you drive.

Marisa R- usa
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  • Isabella d-US Isabella d-US Oct. 15, 2013
    I agree with you, there are just some places that you can't ride a bike to and a limit on what can be brought with you while riding. However, I don't think that it's possible to maintain a constant speed or anticipate stops, simply because of traffic. Everyone is always in a rush, trying to get where they're going forcing the people around them to do the same. In an ideal world we would do all those things and all have solar and wind powered car, but the world isn't there yet. I also think that a fuel efficient car isn't something most people can afford. Even though it would save more money in the long run, short term it costs more than most can pay with out being put severely in debt. For now, I think the simplest ways of keeping carbon emissions down is for everyone to do small things like carpool or walk and bike when possible.

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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Lauren M-USA, Oct. 6, 2013

When I look at the reasons for the United States’s huge carbon footprint, one of the major reasons is transportation, especially by car. I think one way that this footprint can be reduced is by the increased use of hydro-electric cars. Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more hydro-electric cars around the city. These cars contain fuel that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity as a means of energy and does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere. I think the idea of these cars is wonderful and they should be more widely used around the country. However, the fuel would not be easy to come by, which is a setback.

Lauren M-USA
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  • Ryan P-USA Ryan P-USA Oct. 7, 2013
    I think your post is very interesting; cars play a large part in the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Factors like cleaner fuel and electricity are tremendous steps towards a clean environment. However, it is often the production of these green products that emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, unfortunately. It would be great if there was a way to generate hydrogen fuel without all the negative side effects. Nevertheless, I am glad to see that there is a clean method of fueling cars that is just as efficient as gasoline. A mix of electricity and clean fuel is a great concept; I wonder if there are other mixes of different energy sources that could be cleanly obtained and equally efficient.

    I have a question, though. Do you know if the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the manufacturing of hydrogen fuel is more than the amount produced in the refinement of oil and gasoline? If so, maybe it may be better to use hydro-electric powered cars rather than regular cars.
  • Lauren M-USA Lauren M-USA Oct. 7, 2013
    You have a very valid argument when you say that the production of the products emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I was actually wondering if there was a better way to generate hydrogen fuel and found this article:
    If the things such as using water and charcoal to generate fuel were put into use, I think it would definitely benefit hydro-electric cars.

    I can't find exact numbers that say if one produces more than the other, but it seems that since there are simply so many more regular cars, definitely the production of carbon dioxide is more in oil and gasoline, at least at the moment.

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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Makely Phillips, Feb. 12, 2013

All anybody talk about is electric cars and moving away from gasoline. And sure, that has great potential, but honestly I really don’t think we are ready. Have we considered what we will do with these giant batteries in the cars? How we will safely dispose of them while at the same time do it in an environmentally friendly way? And have we begun to train EMT’s on how to properly handle a car crash with an electric car that poses more danger than a normal car accident? The idea of electric cars is probably what is going to save our planet the most in the long run, however, just not yet.

Makely Phillips
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  • Desiree Price Desiree Price Feb. 12, 2013
    I agree. I think that we should start with baby steps first to get to this kind of thing. There are a lot of people who don't feel that it is important to protect the environment and so we should try to encourage simple things, like recycling and composting- something that anyone can do. I think that when we do that it would bring about even more support for reusable energy and probably provide more support for research in how to create something that is actually truly sustainable and not something that just has bad side affects like our current situations with pollution, but they're just different. I think electric cars (the cars that run on water if they were mass produced would be pretty amazing for the environment) could eventually work but we aren't really at that point.

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Discussions Discussion Wants or needs?
Vela Dyrness, Feb. 12, 2013

In todays society people can often become confused with needs and wants. Because we are surrounded with different electronics such as ipods and computers and phones they can become a necessity in our life. some people think this is extrememly superficail and we must “unplug”. occasionally unplugging is a good thing. it allows us to step back and realize what is truely important. however, people must realize this new technology is important with where our society is headed. this new technology also includes todays main form of transportation, vehicles. cars and trucks allow us to get from one place to another, and yes we all know they arent good for out environment however like electronics they have become a main part of the succesful society that we have become.

Vela Dyrness
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  • Colin Thompson Colin Thompson Feb. 12, 2013
    I got one word for you. DEEP. I must say you bring up points that are a necessity to consider and I absolutely applaud what you are saying! This is my first day on Einztein and I must say this post, gave me hope that my experience will be LEGENDARY. Congratulations on an amazing topic that is just eye opening!
  • Tommy Wicker Tommy Wicker Feb. 12, 2013
    Cool Vela…
  • Scott Z-USA Scott Z-USA May 2, 2013
    I agree with you, I think people are becoming to confused with what is a want, and what is a need. I think though that unplugging can make a difference in the long run. I think a solution to the transportation problem could be trying to lean toward electric and hydrogen powered cars so we are not releasing so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
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Discussions Discussion Family footprint
Colleen C-USA, Nov. 15, 2012

My family takes many car trips during the year, us being the kind of people who like to explore the state we live in and it’s wonders and small towns. But while analyzing my carbon footprint I noticed my emissions for transportation to be high. This surprised me. I’m sure it was the fact that I took a plane ride during the summer that totaled about 2,000 miles. I figure that there are also may other people in the USA that travel a far distance to see relatives or new places by plane. Planes cause a large amount of carbon dioxide emissions though and are one of the most harmful types of transportation. Finding all of this out I was almost relieved that my family doesn’t take plane rides very often. I discovered also that trains can be a much more environmentally friendly form of transportation. And, as Sheldon Cooper might say, who DOESN’T like trains?

Colleen C-USA

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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
eric shong, Nov. 6, 2012

Greetings, everyone. I am Eric Shong, a 14-year old student from Dominican International School of Taiwan. I have noticed the sudden and huge rise of carbon emissions in the past 60 years, form 1950 to 2012. The global emission percentage has rises from 1400 million tons to a amazing 6500 million tons. Mainly because the increasing level of technology, such as the greatest contributor to carbon emissions - cars. The problem is, we simply can’t do anything about that. People travel, and for this reason they need cars. You could say that they could use public transportation, but public transportation may not always go to specific locations, and it will be tougher to travel around with a bus with luggages. Even though, we are left with another opportunity, reduce electric use. In most countries, electricity is produced by thermal power stations, which produce a significant amount of carbon dioxide. By reducing use of electricity, the power stations will need to produce less and therefore also produce less carbon dioxide.

eric shong

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Discussions Discussion Buick’s Celebrity Chef Food Tour
K Young, Jan. 12, 2012

While the North American International Auto Show is going on at Cobo Center in Detroit now, this weekend in sunny SoCal, Buick is continuing an interesting car-meets-foodie tour around the country that is a way to allow potential customers to test drive its latest lineup and see that this is not your grandfather’s Buick, while you get to meet super chefs like TV’s MIng Tsai, Hugh Achely and Ben Roche, the molecular gastronomy guy, who makes desserts with liquid nitrogen. This invite-only event comes to the OC this weekend and LA next. There’s a giveaway for a pair of tickets…Oh, and you get an autographed cookbook from the celebrity chef as a parting gift!

K Young
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  • Andrew P Andrew P Jan. 12, 2012
    cool marketing, reminds me of how toyota did scion tours and you could find them at clubs & concerts

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