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Discussions Discussion Science - Neurology
Amanda Sanchez, Dec. 29, 2011

Ten Brain Science Studies from 2011 Worth Talking About

1. Brain Implant Enables Memories to be Recorded and Played Back
2. Controlling microRNA Could Eventually Make Brain Cells ‘Death Resistant’
3. Maximizing the Brain’s Natural Marijuana-like Chemical Could Lead to Better Meds
4. Using Magnetism to Alter Moral Judgments Isn’t So Far Fetched
5. New Blood Test May Predict Whether Antidepressants Will Help You
6. Abused Children’s Brains and Soldiers’ Brains are Similarly Wired
7. Alzheimer’s Damage Can in Some Cases be Reversed by Deep Brain Stimulation
8. ‘Brain Reading‘ Makes a Big Leap Forward
9. A Little Practice Goes a Long Way in the Brain
10. Boosting Thought Control with Real-time Brain Feedback –There’ll be an App for That

Amanda Sanchez

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