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Discussions Discussion Plastic - the Great or the Threat?
Ernie Hsieh, Nov. 11, 2012

How bottle water came to be?
Starting off not just the base line of industrial production, it is a chain reaction starting from economics, all the way to psychological effects. If the source of bottled water came from the same place as the tap water, why not use tap?

Ernie Hsieh

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Discussions Discussion Water - State of the Planet
Christie James, April 5, 2012

Should Universities Ban Bottled Water?

Universities in Canada and the United States to have banned plastic bottled water include Belmont University, Oberlin College, Seattle University, University of Ottawa, University of Portland, University of Wisconsin (Stevens Point), Upstate Medical University, and Washington University in St. Louis. Others including, but not limited to, New York University and Stanford University have banned plastic bottles from their dining halls. Finally there are numerous student led efforts to ban bottled water at places such as Brown University, Cornell University, and Pennsylvania State University, though these have yet to become official.


Christie James

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