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Discussions Discussion Internet’s Role in Popular Uprising
Bert Breton, Dec. 11, 2011

EU Commissioner Calls For New Tools For Bloggers Living In Dictatorships:


The European Union should help teach bloggers living under oppressive regimes how to communicate freely and avoid detection, and develop technology to help them, the bloc’s digital affairs commissioner, Neelie Kroes, said Friday.

Below, we hear from a well known Iranian political blogger:

Bert Breton

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Discussions Discussion unselected
Marco Masoni, March 15, 2011

Einztein.com Helps You Get Educated for FREE! [Freeismylife.com]

Education is the key to a better life, but even simple online non-accredited classes can cost a fortune. And most of us are just looking for the knowledge and not a degree.  But did you know there is an easy way to find FREE online courses offered by universities?
Einztein.com is a searchable catalog of curated courses offered by providers as diverse as Stanford University and The British Museum. To find a course, enter a subject of interest in the search box and click “search” – or browse the selection of subjects. You can also filter your search results by course provider, subject and media type.You can browse the course descriptions, check out which courses received a good rating, and link out for a closer look.
If you find a course that you like, click on it and you will be taken to the course on the university’s website. I tried out the website by searching for an Intro to Java Course. I ended up on the website for SC San Diego which has a FREE online 10 week Into to Java Podcast that teaches Java to those with no prior Java experience.  The course has a perfect 5 out of 5 rating on Einztein. Pretty cool…

Marco Masoni

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