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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Tara V-USA, Oct. 5, 2013

Hi! I’m Tara and I live in the Bay Area in California.

If I was designing a city I would want to use sustainable city planning that I learned about in my environmental science class last year. Essentially I would design the city so there are resources within easy walking distance from homes through special trails and never-ending sidewalks. This would essentially set up a city in which there are a few central locations with grocery stores, schools, work buildings and recreational activities toward which houses converge. I would also design the city so bike lanes are on every road and bike racks exist in all locations to encourage bicycle riding. I’d also plan for trees to line the sidewalks. To connect the different centers together I would also design for a mass transportation system similar to the one near where I live in California. In the Bay Area, we have BART, which stands for Bay Area Rapid Transport. It is a huge system of rails running of 1000 volt DC electricity that connects the whole bay area together. It is a cheap way to get around and saves tons of carbon that would be emitted if all the individuals that took BART trains drove cars. In case anyone wants to read more about BART I’ve included a link below. While the construction of this city would likely be quite pricey, I believe its set up would significantly reduce the necessity for the constant driving of cars. I would love to live in a city like this. I know BART is convenient and significantly reduces pollution. The surplus of bike lanes and sidewalks in this city would make walking and biking really easy as well. I know there are a lot of places near where I live that don’t have sidewalks or bike lanes I can use. Less pollution and suffocating smog would really be the only incentive most city dwellers would need to move to my city.

Tara V-USA

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Discussions Discussion green transportation
Elena S-usa, Nov. 13, 2012

Hello again. My name is Elena and I live in the fairly urban city of Houston, Texas. I like to use my bicycle as transportation, but when there is no sidewalk commute can be a bit dangerous. I feel like biking lanes on our highways and roads are a great solution. In addition to reducing carbon emissions bike lanes would decrease traffic on roads. It would definitely be a time consuming and expensive process, but I think in the end it would pay off. When I calculated my carbon footprint I was shocked to find out that the average Texan’s transportation footprint is 6387kg. Maybe if we invested in bike lanes we could change that. What do you all think about instituting bicycling lanes?

Elena S-usa

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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Althea B, May 4, 2012

Hello! In my city, there are bike lanes in the roads and some bike paths to make it safer for people who want to travel that way. Just think if there were an equal amount of bike paths to roads! Do you think this would help people realise that there are other commuting options that don’t emit carbon into our atmospere?

Althea B
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  • Anton Eckerbom Anton Eckerbom Oct. 2, 2012
    Bike lanes are for sure a great suggestion and in Sweden that exists in the whole country. As a result of this, the amount of people who take the bike to work is increasing whilst the car travellers are decreasing. This could also be a result of what we call “congestion tax”. This is a sort of camera tollgate which takes a sum every time you enter the core city. This has decreased the amount of cars and increased the amount of bikers and people taking the bus or the metro, but lately travelling with metro or bus has become so expensive that even more take their bikes! :D
  • Emily F-United States Emily F-United States Oct. 5, 2012
    Wow, the “congestion tax” sounds like a very interesting program. Penalizing people for overusing their car may significantly reduce traffic and emissions. However, to make this program even more effective, how about using the collected money to give incentive to non-emission vehicles, such as bicycles? For example, subsidizing bike share companies like those in Portland Oregon, Montreal, or Stockholm.
  • Anton Eckerbom Anton Eckerbom Oct. 5, 2012
    Indeed, hopefully the government feels so too! I think they reinvest the money into that but you can never be sure w/ politics :)
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Discussions Discussion Sustainable city
Olivia R-USA, Oct. 4, 2011

At home, my main form of transportation is a car. I live in a country area, making it difficult to use my bike for any kind of travel (everything is too spaced out). Two years ago I went to France and was really impressed by/excited to use their public transportation system.

Olivia R-USA
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  • Olesya Seattle WA Olesya Seattle WA April 26, 2012
    I live in a good neighborhood that is close to all my favorite shops. My mom and I often walk to these places to get good excercise and pick up some of the necessities or whatever else we might need at the moment. I think this is a great opportunity to be healthy and reduce your carbonfootprint.

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Discussions Discussion Digital Africa
Ricky Burkhardt, Sept. 19, 2011

Bikelordz is a documentary about the underground BMX bike culture in Accra, Ghana. Directed by Mikey Freedom Hart, the film explores their phenomenal passion.

Ricky Burkhardt
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Discussions Discussion Public transportation VS cars and etc.
Nina Dumas, Sept. 15, 2011

In Amsterdam, they know well enough to use bicycles on their own without waiting for the city to sponsor a bike share program!

Nina Dumas
Comments (3)
  • Jason Hodin Jason Hodin Sept. 15, 2011
    well…Amsterdam does “sponsor” great bike lanes everywhere around the city after all! Here in Seattle, we also use bicycles “on our own” but many people are reluctant to ride in traffic for good reason! When I was in Paris, I was impressed at the way that bicycles have taken over the downtown area and recreated a biking reality where there was not one previously.
  • Nina Dumas Nina Dumas Sept. 16, 2011
    I love Vélib (Vélos en libre-service) here in Paris. The very first bicycle sharing program in Europe! It's a lovely program which I use atleast once a week. It started a few years ago and, yes, is very popular in Paris. And there is NO ADVERTISEMENT on Vélib bicycles…yet!!!
  • Cayla W-USA Cayla W-USA Sept. 28, 2011
    When I visited Amsterdam they had really great bike lanes set up. I was biking everywhere and felt pretty safe. In California, it's different. There are bike lanes, but compared to Amsterdam they could use lots of improvement.

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