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Marco Masoni, Nov. 28, 2011

Wall Street Journal columnist Pete Du Pont recently made the case that President Obama may very well have to switch Biden for Clinton as VP running mate if he wants a shot at a second term. Du Pont writes:

It is fair to say that Mrs. Clinton’s addition to the ticket would be a substantial gain for President Obama that he badly needs next November, since she is, as Mr. Starr notes, a member of the part of his administration that has the highest approval rating, and more important she has not at all been a part of the disastrous economic policies that have caused the Obama drop in popularity.”


Marco Masoni

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Marco Masoni, Nov. 18, 2011

Should Obama switch up Clinton and Biden? Not so fast, argues Elizabeth Elfman, who writes:

Biden is Obama’s polar opposite, a much-needed foil to Obama’s deficiencies. What Obama lacks in experience, Biden makes up for with 36 years in the Senate. Born to working parents in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden has given Obama a blue-collared edge, as well as a feeling of warmth and personality that is decidedly absent from the cool-headed president. As a veteran of sorrow, Biden softens and personalizes Obama. His off-color remarks, which have rallied cries of protest and calls for resignation, are assets rather than gaffes. Democrats hollering for a role reversal with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be remiss in calling for this exuberant, energized vice president traded.”


Marco Masoni

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Kamy Akhavan, Nov. 17, 2011

If you have not taken this “Find Your Match” presidential candidate quiz, then try it out. I got matched with Obama first and Bachmann last. Sounds about right. My wife got the same results. I guess we can stay married. How did you do?

Kamy Akhavan
Comments (5)
  • Ricky Burkhardt Ricky Burkhardt Nov. 18, 2011
    Ok. Obama topped the list (expected), but Johnson came in a stron second….uhm….who's he?
  • Camilla Pashar Camilla Pashar Nov. 18, 2011
    This worked for me. I recommend we cancel the campaigns, since it's a massive waste of money and time. Instead, everyone decides who to vote for using this quiz. In addition to this quiz, we hold 3 televised debates just so that the unintelligent candidates are exposed for being not smart enough to govern. The dumb ones shouldn't have the privilege of being included as an candidate option on the quiz.
  • Andrew P Andrew P Nov. 22, 2011
    I just pulled a reverse — I answered the opposite of what I think and I got Bachmann/Gingrich, neck and neck.
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Discussions Discussion China: Traditions and Transformations
Bedford Wells, Nov. 14, 2011

Obama to China: Behave like “grown up” economy — Obama served notice on Sunday that the United States was fed up with China’s trade and currency practices as he turned up the heat on America’s biggest economic rival.

Enough’s enough,” Obama said bluntly at a closing news conference of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit where he scored a significant breakthrough in his push to create a pan-Pacific free trade zone and promote green technologies.


China shot back that it refused to abide by international economic rules that it had no part in writing.

Bedford Wells

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Andrew P, Oct. 25, 2011

Come on, just try telling me you wouldn’t pay big bucks to see Obama play badminton against Biden. I mean, if Putin and Medvedev can do it, why can’t we? And why stop there? Doubles anyone?


Andrew P

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Discussions Discussion unselected
Andrew P, April 27, 2011

Baratunde Thurston expresses his disgust with Donald Trump and the role he played in prompting President Obama to produce his long form birth certificate…

Andrew P
Comments (2)
  • Kim Hsu Kim Hsu April 28, 2011
    “It is absurd and embarrassing that we have such a vacuum of substance that a carnival barker like Trump can actually elevate this issue to the level that the president finally had to confront it,” added Rob Stutzman, a Sacramento-based GOP consultant who has advised Golden State Republicans.

    “I think it was a clever tactic by the White House,” Stutzman said. “Releasing the certificate draws sympathy to the president from swing voters and further defines elements of the GOP as, frankly, wacky.”
  • Amy Sutherland Amy Sutherland April 29, 2011
    Unfortunately, the national political discourse in the USA has reached a new low yet again.

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