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Discussions Discussion INTERNET ART
Christie James, March 13, 2012

SXSW 2012: Should Web Sites And Video Games Be Preserved Like Art Is?

The archive for digital art, ArtBase, was established in 1999, and now has 2,500 artwork records, with more than 520 artworks archived. What constitutes art work? Internet art is any kind of production when the intent behind it has an art historical context.

For example, 2007’s “VVebcam” by Petra Cortright is a more recently archived work. “Vvebcam,” which originally lived on YouTube, was taught in universities and became an important reflection of our times. But since it had 200 or more tags associated with it, last year YouTube took “Vvebcam” down because it violated their spam levels. Since VVebcam is no longer online, here’s a vid of another one of Cortright’s creations.


Christie James

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