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Discussions Discussion Printmaking
brianna s_USA, Oct. 6, 2013

for a discussion on printmaking i dont see much discussion. well i think its a really creative way to do repetitive things. fun to do too.

brianna s_USA

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Discussions Discussion Pop Art
Lauren Z-United States, Nov. 15, 2012

Hi I’m Lauren from Texas. My favorite Pop Artist is Wayne Thiebaud. I love that almost everything he paints looks realistically delicious, the combination of magnified and muted colors, linear order, and defined shadows. I come from a school that boasts several bakesales so we can all relate to his love of pastries and baked goods. I also have recently painted a recreation of his works in the form of a simple, but in my opinion, elegant pastel-colored cupcake with a cherry on top. This picture below is definitely my favorite of his.

Lauren Z-United States

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Discussions Discussion Blogs, Wikis, New Media for Learning
Marcel Inhauser, Nov. 3, 2012


The link for the online course related to this discussion is broken and returns 404 code.

Was this course terminated?

Regards, thank you.


Marcel Inhauser
Comments (1)
  • Marco Masoni Marco Masoni Nov. 4, 2012
    It has been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

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Discussions Discussion Deforestation SOS
Wendy Bachman, March 26, 2012

Why are trees are turning blue in Seattle and Vancouver?

It’s a socially-driven art project started by Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos who uses a water-based pigment to turn the trees “ultramarine blue.”

The goal: To inspire awareness about global deforestation. Take a look at what the project looked like in Vancouver.

This is still local news. But look for this social art project to gain momentum at a national level. It’s beautiful and deserves our attention!!!

Wendy Bachman
Comments (1)
  • Cayla C Seattle USA Cayla C Seattle USA May 1, 2012
    does it have to be blue? why cant we just add other colors to show the world that our trees brings life and excitement to our life.

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Discussions Discussion Introduction to Visual Thinking
Mauro De Giorgi, March 22, 2012

I stumbled upon this beautiful sculptures made using an extrusion process and then printed in 3D, really impressive!

Mauro De Giorgi

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Discussions Discussion INTERNET ART
John Reading, March 21, 2012

Arts: The Art of Video Games:

The Smithsonian American Art Museum opened their new exhibit, the Art of Video Games, with a big festival this past weekend. If you missed it, don’t worry; the real festival, the exhibit itself, is far from over, as it is going to be running until September 30th.

Art of Video Games is, “one of the first major exhibitions to explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium.”Awesome!


John Reading

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Discussions Discussion INTERNET ART
Jessie Rhodes, Feb. 17, 2012

An Internet Art Fair:

New York Times, Martha Schwendener reviews the VIP Art Fair 2.0, the Internet’s first major art bazaar. It’s 2.0 because this is the second year for the fair. Last year, it had all sorts of technical problems, but this year they seem to have been smoothed out.

The fair is an online version of a traditional art fair, with each exhibitor’s page on the site described as a “booth.” It includes 135 exhibitors from 35 countries.


Jessie Rhodes

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Discussions Discussion Daredevils and Stunts
Andrew P, Jan. 25, 2012

Inanimate life? Strandbeests are the creation of Theo Jansen. He makes them out of plastic tubes and sails to “live” on the beach by itself. Eventually, he wants to create a herd of them — what, to reproduce?”

Jansen explains: “Self-propelling beach animals like Animaris Percipiere have a stomach . This consists of recycled plastic bottles containing air that can be pumped up to a high pressure by the wind. This is done using a variety of bicycle pump, needless to say of plastic tubing. Several of these little pumps are driven by wings up at the front of the animal that flap in the breeze. It takes a few hours, but then the bottles are full. They contain a supply of potential wind. Take off the cap and the wind will emerge from the bottle at high speed.

The trick is to get that untamed wind under control and use it to move the animal. For this, muscles are required. Beach animals have pushing muscles which get longer when told to do so. These consist of a tube containing another that is able to move in and out. There is a rubber ring on the end of the inner tube so that this acts as a piston.

When the air runs from the bottles through a small pipe in the tube it pushes the piston outwards and the muscle lengthens. The beach animal’s muscle can best be likened to a bone that gets longer. Muscles can open taps to activate other muscles that open other taps, and so on. This creates control centres that can be compared to brains.”

Andrew P

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Discussions Discussion Digital Africa
Ayana Helebo, Jan. 12, 2012

The Noise of Cairo, a new film documentary about the art scene in Cairo after the revolution

The film follows the interplay between art and the revolution in Egypt. Protest of any kind was punished violently in pre-revolutionary Egypt and artistic expression was considered nothing but a threat to the status quo. But since the fall of the Mubarak dictatorship, the art scene in Cairo is flourishing once again. A very inspirational film. If you’re interested in the arts and/or Africa, I think you’ll love this.

Ayana Helebo

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Discussions Discussion INTERNET ART
Billy Sumner, Dec. 21, 2011

From the iPhone to the Met: Changing The Way We ‘See’ Art Online


Smartphone apps like Google Goggles have fundamentally changed the way we look at art, providing instant information about the work itself.

Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, or the Getty Museum, and download the Google Goggles app for Android or iPhone. Snap a picture of the art that you’re looking at. Goggles will pull up the work of art’s history, bibliography of its creator and perhaps even a story of the collection from the Met’s mobile-optimized website.

Billy Sumner

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