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Discussions Discussion Internet’s Role in Popular Uprising
Camilla Pashar, Dec. 22, 2011

Will Other Arab Women Follow Egyptian Sisters Into the Street?

It’s horrifying to watch: Egyptian soldiers viciously beating a woman, then peeling back her abaya to expose her torso and bra, before a soldier delivers one last stomp to her chest.

The image from a Dec. 17 crackdown on protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, circulated over the Internet and on news broadcasts globally, helped sparked a Dec. 20 protest march through central Cairo by thousands of outraged women. Other women had been attacked and stripped that day in what was clearly an attempt by soldiers to humiliate female protesters.

Camilla Pashar
Comments (5)
  • srini n srini n Dec. 23, 2011
    Seen this vid elsewhere already. Disgusting. Like we are not yet humans but 'candidates for humanity' like Victor Hugo had said.
  • Marco Masoni Marco Masoni Dec. 23, 2011
    reminds me of that quote from Edgar Rice Burroughs about “the thin veneer of civilization” masking our savage natures
  • Jenny Rothberg Jenny Rothberg Dec. 23, 2011
    Seems as if mideival times are not far behind, sadly.
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