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Discussions Discussion Wants or needs?
Jenna Baker, Oct. 14, 2013

I see a lot of posts that talk about the satisfaction of getting a new phone, but they usually use the iPhone as an example. Some even regard it as a the best, friendliest ‘smartphone’ out there. I disagree. Why buy a phone that comes out with a ‘new and improved’ verison a couple months later, only to leave you in despair with the want to throw your device away and get the new one? In my opinion, we need to move away from Apple, Windows, and Android.

But what should we do about the lack of a smartphone in this technology-run world we live in now? How do I get by without the ability to check email on my phone, ect.? Well, there’s a solution in progress right now. What if there was a special kind of phone that, when it updated with something new, you didn’t have to throw the entire phone away, and only that changed part?

Introducing Phoneblok, a phone that keeps all the parts seperated into individual blocks.

The link at the end of this post will send you to the official site, that will explain the phone in more detail, and is also accompanied with the video (the video is in English).

But I do believe a new phone is a want that is becoming a need— but this is due to our technology-dependent world. What do you guys think, and what’s your opinion on Phoneblok versus other phone companies like Apple or Android, or even Windows?

Jenna Baker
Comments (3)
  • Christian Swe-TE11 Christian Swe-TE11 Oct. 14, 2013
    I understand your point and I like the idea. The only problem that I can see is that the production cost would be to high to sustain right now and it would not be sustainable.
    An example today's car market use a version of your idea when they don't expect to make money by selling the car but instead of the aftermarket by repairs and upgrades. By doing this we lower the quality of the product.
  • Jennifer Farra Jennifer Farra Oct. 14, 2013
    Im Jennifer from the United States and I agree that buying a brand new product and only being satisfied it with for a few months before wanting the new and improved one is very wasteful. However, I do feel that Apple and Android are on the right track because their devices allow you to update the format of your phone. For example, the ios 7 on the Iphone updated the features and allowed everybody to once again feel at peace with their device, and it didnt make people crave the new upcoming device. I do agree with Christain because the production cost of Phoneblok would be very substaintial and not sustainable, which is what we need.
  • Emma K_NA11asve Emma K_NA11asve Oct. 14, 2013
    I've also heard about the PhoneBlok and even though I don't have enough knowledge to say wether the production costs would be to high, i think the idea in the long run IS sustainable. Wouldn't you say it'd be more expensive to create the amount of iphones that is produced today, because of the fact that so many people want to upgrade from an iphone 4s to a iphone 5, than it would to simply change smaller parts of your phone whenever they need reparations. This invention means that you will be able to have a useful phone for a longer period of time and whenever you need to switch one part out due to reparations, at least you wont have to throw the whole phone away, but only the small part that was broken. Also, there's a lot more possibilities to create interesting parts for the phone with more useful features, it can be used as so much more than a phone on a much higher level than an iphone or smartphone, which also will decrease the demand for those products in its original form.

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Discussions Discussion Search Engines, Technology, and Business
Ricky Burkhardt, Dec. 21, 2011

Apple Plots Its TV Assault

Apple Inc. is moving forward with its assault on television…working on its own television that relies on wireless streaming technology to access shows, movies and other content. Steve Jobs envisioned building a TV that would be controlled by Apple’s mobile devices.


Google Inc. is trying to enable users to access apps and Internet video on traditional TVs through its Google TV software, which shares some technology with its Android mobile operating system.

IMO, we can get ready to see the iPad enlarged to the size of flat screen TV in the near future… the same way the iPhone was enlarged to become the iPad…cool stuff.

Ricky Burkhardt

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