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Hillary Campbell, April 5, 2012

Young Americans Sue Government to Stop Global Warming, Polluter Interests Granted Intervention To Defend:

Last May, a group of young Americans, fed up with government inaction on climate change, decided to sue to protect their future. The group, led by 16-year old Alec Loorz, founder of Kids vs. Global Warming and the iMatter campaign, filed legal actions against the federal government and 49 states, seeking to force the states and federal government to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gas pollution to levels deemed necessary by the best available science.

Full story here: http://www.desmogblog.com/young-americans-sue-government-stop-global-warming-polluter-interests-granted-intervention-defend

And here’s a video about young Alec Loorz’s path to plaintiff-dom.

Hillary Campbell
Comments (2)
  • Tony Trevari Tony Trevari April 6, 2012
    Alec Loorz rocks…watch this video!
  • Christie James Christie James April 6, 2012
    Alec Loorz has become a man, before his time. This is very inspiring!

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