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Discussions Discussion Health & Environment
Bert Breton, Jan. 23, 2012

MIT researcher: U.S. taking leadership on mercury in the environment

Americans have long known the dangers of mercury in our environment, with doctors repeatedly warning pregnant women to remove fish from their daily diets. But despite this solid knowledge of the health impacts, the United States has never regulated mercury emissions from powerplants — our nation’s number one source of mercury — until now.

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. The standards require coal-fired powerplants to install scrubbing technology that will cut 90 percent of their mercury emissions by 2015.

Bert Breton
Comments (1)
  • Tim Foufas Tim Foufas Jan. 27, 2012
    It wasn't too long ago when there was mercury in our thermometers. As a typical child (eons ago), I actually broke one to play with the liquid mercury in my hand. Needless to say how I disposed of it.

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