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Discussions Discussion Food & hunger
Sophie N. - USA, May 14, 2013

From what I have read and learned, the food problem does not center around that fact that we don’t grow enough food, but rather we have a problem distributing it. It’s true that most of the arable land in the world is already in production, so simply growing more food is not really an option. The problem is getting the food from where it is grown to where people most need it. Not everyone lives in an area that is suitable for growing food, and unfortunately many of these places (such as Africa) are unable to afford the not only monetary demands of transporting food. Simply donating foods to these places is not a sustainable option. There has to be another way.
Another troubling thing is the amount of hungry people in the US! Being an industrialized and regarded as fairly wealthy country, it is hard to fathom how many people in the US still report hunger. What’s up with that? Food is one of the most basic human needs. This is an issue that we, as the most advanced species thus far, should be able to conquer.

Sophie N. - USA
Comments (2)
  • Erin A-United States Erin A-United States May 14, 2013
    Very insightful. What do you think about using GMO's to combat the global food crisis?
  • Sophie N. - USA Sophie N. - USA May 14, 2013
    Thank you, Erin A. Well I'm certainly no expert, but I am personally of the belief that GMO's could be effective in solving the food crisis; however, they are liable to create more problems, such as corporal domination. There is no perfect, solution, but it's certainly a start!

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Discussions Discussion International Political Economy
Liliana Galvis, Jan. 30, 2012

My name is Liliana Galvis and currently I work as a research assistant at my home university. I’m eager to learn about economic model (regional or individual) in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Do you have any information on the matter?

Liliana Galvis

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