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Discussions Discussion American Cinema
Forrest Gardner, Feb. 20, 2012

Boost for Hollywood studios as China agrees to ease quota on US films:

Limit currently set at 20 blockbusters a year to be raised to 34 – but additional movies must be 3D or Imax versions.

Major American studios and independent film-makers alike are celebrating the deal to settle a long-running trade dispute, struck by Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

It also allows foreign film-makers to keep a bigger share of box office takings: they will receive 25% instead of 13%. “This is a very big deal,” said Chris Dodd, chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America.

This will be huge for the U.S. film industry.

Forrest Gardner

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Discussions Discussion American Cinema
Ricky Burkhardt, Jan. 14, 2012

Woody Allen: cinema’s great experimentalist

Since the ‘early, funny’ films, Allen’s subject-matter has matured, but there’s a line of comic genius that runs from Sleeper through to Midnight in Paris

Allen has lamented that his work has had no cinematic influence, that he has no followers. If that is true, he may console himself with the certainty that his art has extended into people’s lives. Few of us (hopefully) have had a Scorsese moment or met a Coppola character. Yet who has never felt that they were, even for a moment, inside a Woody Allen film? And who has never met (or been) a Woody Allen type, neurotic and self-effacing? By engaging with everyday life, he has permeated it.


Amazing article about the great Woody Allen! And the trailer to his latest film, Midnight In Paris follows

Ricky Burkhardt

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Discussions Discussion Welcome to Einztein
Marco Masoni, Oct. 19, 2011

Greek Heroes in Popular Culture Through Time” is new mini-course at Open University that looks at the how heroes of Greek literature have been represented in popular culture. It starts with Achillles talking about the portrayal of his sexuality by artists, historians and Hollywood. Achilles says: “…in every era, my portrayal seems to get loaded with everybody else’s baggage about human sexuality.” Playful, informative, engaging. Good way to get into deep literature.

Marco Masoni

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