CEO, Co-Founder

Marco has taught high school, trained teachers and designed learning platforms. He conceived Einztein while teaching history using online resources and finding that there was a disconnect between how students were taught and how they learned. Previously, he led NYC based tech start-up, dSCOOP.com, that pioneered video sharing, and headed business affairs for Comerica Entertainment Group. He has a JD from Georgetown Law.


Co-Founder, Lead Developer
Mauro was head of his own digital agency, where he also gained expertise in design. He’s programmed hundreds of sites following the 37 Signals and Django mantras of keeping everything simple and functional.


Co-Founder, Revenue Strategy
In addition to working with Marco on dSCOOP.com, Tim has been involved in numerous startup and growth oriented businesses as director of investments at a Chicago based private equity firm. He has an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.


Co-Founder, Business Development
Bert has worked in digital media for 10+ years. He was Managing Director Europe for airG, one of the larger mobile communities in the world, and a Co-founder at dSCOOP.com. He has an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.


Director of Learning Experience
Emily’s background in business, database management, and cultural studies, combined with a passion for higher education, drives her to continually seek ways to better connect learners via their respective areas of interest.

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