Campus Curator Internships

If you’re a student who loves innovation and social media, Einztein wants to work with you.

We’re seeking campus curators to promote Einztein’s social learning network by encouraging other students to adopt it for their course work, studies and learning related activities.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial students who love learning, want to be part of game changing education technologies and know social media.

This is a paid internship that is available year round. We’ll be flexible as to your start and end dates, as well as your weekly commitment.

If all of this sounds interesting, send an email to jobs@einztein.com, with a one page resume attached and the following three information points included in the body of the email:

    • Name
    • School
    • Email
    • Year/Class
    • Major(s)
    • Extra Curricular Activities
  1. Three sentences about what you see as the biggest problem/opportunity when it comes to social media and education.
  2. Three specific things you could do to promote Einztein on your campus.

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